Heroes Academy

Training 21st Century Skills

The Essential Elements

The world is changing rapidly. In order to react quickly to change, our children have to develop superior strategic thinking skills.
Too many screens have created a society that struggles with focus and stamina. In order to be successful, our children must develop the ability to focus on tasks.
It is becoming increasingly difficult for children to relate socially with one another as screens get in their way. The future demands collaboration skills.

Benefits of Becoming a Hero

  • Other than the fact you have all-access to the Hero Academy, you have a safe and friendly place to play after school, on the weekends, and on school breaks.
  • You will get a chance to meet new kids and create new Hero bonds!
  • Listening to others broadens perspectives and enhances social skills.
  • Working with the Watchers will help to learn the right kinds of questions to ask, which, in turn, you can use to help with any type of new learning!
  • You can open your mind to new types of learning based on new games you’ve never had the chance to play!

Parents, by subscribing to the Hero Academy, your child will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that stimulates thinking, enhances reasoning, and promotes social skills with children of many ages!  

What are the Villains & Heroes S.K.I.L.L.S.?


Strength refers to your ability to win the game, including extra points for beating a higher-ranking Hero.


Knowledge refers to the ability to complete the games using the information you have learned. Heroes earn extra points for trying new and unknown games.


Intensity refers to your ability to focus while playing. This includes being rready to play when it is your turn, staying in your seat the whole game, and not distracting others.


Likability refers to your good sportsmanship during the game with other Heroes, the Watchers, and the Seeker.


Logic refers to your ability to follow the sequential steps and use the mechanics of the game properly.


Strategy refers to your ability to use the mechanics of the game to your advantage, creating a plan that will help you win.

How Does the Academy Work?


Play Games

  • Up to 4 Heroes and 1 Watcher per game
  • Watcher teaches Heroes the rules
  • Heroes play and learn
  • The Seeker provides mentorship for the Watchers and adult supervision

Earn Points

  • Watcher assigns S.K.I.L.L.S. points to each Hero based on in-house built companion guides unique to each game
  • Parents receive Hero report cards with session information

Level Up

  • After earning sufficient S.K.I.L.L.S. points, the Hero levels up
  • After reaching a specific level, the Hero can become a Watcher and continue accumulating points
HERO – (noun) A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
The Heroes Academy was created for the heroes to hone their skills in strategic thinking, focus, and social interaction. They sit down at the tables with fellow heroes and engage in thrilling and entertaining strategic board game play with the goal of leveling up their attributes and one day becoming the Sorcerer Supreme.
WATCHER – (noun) A person who observes something attentively or regularly.
The Watcher is an experienced Hero that is pursuing the Master level. To progress through the Master level ranks, the Watchers must exhibit leadership and accountability. To demonstrate these traits, the Watchers are responsible for setting up and monitoring game play of lower-level Heroes. They are able to answer rule questions and keep the flow of the game progressing at a normal pace. The Watchers also record game play achievements in the companion guides.
SEEKER – (noun) A person who is attempting to find or obtain something.
Seekers can be found in the Hero Academy seeking the next Sorcerer Supreme. At Villians & Heroes Academy, the Seekers are professionally trained adults who manage Watchers to ensure that the Watchers maintain the utmost attention to the Heroes. The Seekers are also present to assist in the gameplay of the Heroes. The Seekers are responsible for recording in the official almanac all Heroes’ experence points. They are extremely knowledgeable and happy to respond to any parent’s questions regarding curriculum and achievements.

How to Join the Heroes Academy

Academy membership is based on a wait list system. Potential Heroes must meet with a Seeker and discuss their aspirations. Tours can be scheduled with the Academy to help parents fully understand all that the academy does for its Heroes.

Membership into the Heroes Academy allows the Hero to schedule and participate in hero training and be paired up with other Heroes and a Watcher in order to train and level up their abilities.

Payment Options

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